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After following the above directions, Mail. In the worst case, if Mail. If this is the case, then click on a folder that Mail. You may have noticed that with the above settings you lose the Trash folder in Mail. Then, when you delete the message Mail. If you delete it againOther option. Make a [Deleted Messages] folder yourself. In the Mail. The rest of your tags appear as folders at the same level as the [Gmail] folder. Also, if you fiddle with it Mail. Fair warning.

So the first order of business is to stop iTunes from trying to sync your Mail. Plug in your iPhone, find it in iTunes, click on the Info tab, scroll down to Mail Accounts, and uncheck your gmail account. Talked to the first tech who spent an hour walking me through all the stuff I had gone through myself via Google searches.

Finally, they said they needed to bump me to an upper-level support. After about 2 weeks and the frustration of answering low-level questions back and forth via email, I got a call from Google tech support. After going through a bunch of basic items, we started looking at the labels in the Gmail account.

Some of my subfolders were syncing, some were not. No pattern or rhyme or reason as to why some were syncing and some were not. When we started messing with the folder names, the folders started to show up in the Mail Smart Folders at the bottom of the screen, but not in the IMAP section. With that, the Google tech support person told me to just rename and reallocate the folders and use the Smart Folders to run my entire Mac Mail system. I checked the IMAP sync and it worked. Why not let me use Gmail the way it was? I had the same issue which was frustrating.

For some reason it started to work now. I tried random things but not sure which one worked or MSFT fixed it. Dont know but it works now! I appear to have the same problem.

Setting up your email in Mac Mail

I was using Microsoft Outlook with a Gmail email account which was working fine until today. Now it keeps on asking me to sign into my Google account repeatedly.

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Any advice would be grateful. This is starting in version The new Google Account support which syncs Email, Calendar, and Contacts, does require Drive permissions for sync of attachments in this account type. Well, since the last "update" I am having the same annoying problem. Every time I try to access my gmail account in Outlook, which has never had a prob, I get the annoying "open browser" pop-up window.

It sucks. I spent over an hour on the phone with Microsoft yesterday and at the end when there was an update notification, we the tech person wanted to get off the phone so I could install it. Guess what? Google pop-up still comes up when trying to access gmail. I've tried a lot of the so-called "fixes" the tech tried along with doing my own research and nothing has helped.

Come on Microsoft, have some genius over there figure out what happened and spill the beans with those of us who don't have time to hang on the phone with customer support who have no real solutions to the problem either. Karen, sounds exactly like my problem listed earlier. Try to lock and unlock all of your keychain passwords etc using the keychain access app in Utilities.

MS should fix or publish this. Jeffrey Kalvass. Thanks for you reply.

Mac Mail App: Gmail Not Working? Fix

After trying to work with the "tech" support, I finally told them good luck and got off the phone. Everything went great, took 5 mins. The pop-up came up as I added it, followed instructions to allow access and haven't had another pop-up problem since. Anyway, thanks to this forum, all is well.

I'll be checking here first in the future. Let's call it mail. If Outlook gets clever and tries to create an Exchange account, you have to click "Not Exchange? This accomplishes two things: a It removes the "authenticate with Google" popups completely and b It enables display of "Advanced" options. Then change the incoming server to imap. If you're now using a different username or password, click "More Options If you are NOT using smtp.

Obviously this is all unnecessarily complicated - the price you pay for trying to mix poorly tested products from different vendors. Why on earth would something simple like this not work? Of course one logs into Gmail without the Gmail. So, after this update I had to drive over to my 77 year old mother because her email stopped working. I am not very savvy about MacOS and don't understand the keychain very well. Glad this workaround worked and I found this thread. I'm having this exact problem.


It tells me to authenticate and takes me to the web, I allow it and it just keeps cycling through those screens. So annoying. I've tried some of the recommendations but no success I have. I've completely removed my outlook account, uninstalled and reinstalled. I have the latest update for the mac and the latest update for outlook, I think it just updated a day ago which is when I ran into this issue.

I've doublechecked the permissions for my computer through the online gmail account. I'm able to get my other email accounts through outlook. I've tried many times to remove the email account and add it back. Where I am going wrong? Unfortunately this is only leading to additional google windows opened for validation.

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Has anyone faced a similar situation. I have a similar problem, once the Google popup comes up and i click on the "Sign in to Google" button", safari is fired up to the authentication page, however the popup says "Browser never opened? Click below", even if i go through the motions nothing obviously happens,hence I have to cancel all the time and the window keeps popping up.

Very very annoying. Any solution besides delete and reinstall outlook? You must be a registered user to add a comment. If you've already registered, sign in.

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